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Monday, 13 October 2014

Pretty n' Love New Collection

I'm wearing : Linen Shawl, Pretty n' Love | Off Shoulder Heavy Knit, Nelly | Black Cigarette Pants, Windows on the World | Quilted Backpack, Nelly | Leather Satchel, Callie's Picks/Versus Tribute | Iris Shoes, Nelly | Color Block Fedora, Nelly ||

I have this awful feeling that I will never wear any of the stuff I bought from this collection. Nevertheless I had to make a post... My favourite piece and probably the one I'll wear at some point is the "Linen Shawl". It's that kind of item that adds a touch of reality to a pixelated outfit. I adore the texture of the "Velvet Babydoll Dress" and it can look great in a vintage inspired outfit. The two pair of pants, the "Ombre Jeans" and the "Tulip Vine Jeans", are cute but nothing special and for that price I should have thought twice before getting them. Last but not least, the "Peachy Platform Boots", are useful and can work well in any outfit, I just wish the socks weren't there.
P.S. Half of my outfit is from Nelly, and I don't even like this store :P

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