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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How to Style : Mixed Prints

I don't feel like there is a wrong way to mix prints. If you decide to wear two different patterns just go for it and enjoy it! Be daring and have fun with it, that's what is all about. Or you can be more discreet and like me go for the more toned down prints. 
#1 : Indipedence Shirt, Mr | Striped Skirt, Nelly | 50s College Cardigan, Mr | Malta Clear Stillettos, Riviera * | Bring me Flowers Tote, Pretty n' Love | Raffia Sunhat, Millionaire Mansion Fashion * ||
#2 : Black Mariniere Pull, Basics * | Prada Inspired Dress, Original Future | Deconstructed White Skirt, Archive * | Sharp Cape Blazer, Rio | Everyday Long Blazer, It Girls * | Platform Runners, Original Future | West Egg Purse, Decades * | Leather Satchel, Callie's Picks/Versus Tribute ||
#3 : L/S Top, Decades * | LS Sheer Top, Archive | Snake Roll Pants, Rio | Tan Streetstyle Overcoat, Strike A Pose | Crossover Bag, MR * (as the back of the coat) | Iris Shoes, Nelly | Lightning Bolt Crush Tote, Original Future * ||


  1. I really love your style! I always look forward to your outfit posts and your picks of new collections. I really wish that I'd been able to get the Tan Streetstyle Overcoat from Strike A Pose. That collection sold out so fast!!

  2. These are great looks! You do have a talent for putting it all together. Brava!

  3. My favorite is the the ombre jeans. Too cool.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your selections. I almost bought that over-the-shoulders jacket... so now I just make go back and get it. Thanks for posting this.