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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Plaza Must Haves : Casual Wear Edition

This month must haves are all about everyday casual clothes. Everything is still available on Starplaza but some of them can only be found on catalog. 

Clothes : Vaccation Shirt, Mr (worn here) | Linen Boater Trousers, It Girls (worn here) | Preppy Sweater, Mr. (worn here & here) | Black Crop Top, Original Future (worn here) | Candy Little Sweater, Bonjour Bisou (worn here & here) | Paris Tee, It Girls (worn here & here) | Creamsicle Stripe Skirt, Original Future (worn here) | Black Rebel Denim, Velvet Orchid (worn here) ||
Shoes & Bags : Bring Me Flowers Tote, Pretty n' Love (as seen on Summerlol3 here) | Charlun Shoes, Killah (worn here, here & here) | Laptop Case, Mr (worn here & here) | Quilted Backpack, Nelly (styled here) ||
Accessories : Bow Visor, Riviera and Stacy Cap (both worn here & here) | Striped Socks, It Girls (worn here & here) | Violet Street Hat, Mr. (worn here) | Western Buckles Belt, PPQ (worn here) ||

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