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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lately on Stardoll : Miss Stardoll World '14, Callie's Picks and Mawi London

This was definitely not the most exciting Stardoll week. We got a few releases, but nothing seemed impressive or worth writing a post for it.
The week started with the release of this year's Miss Stardoll World store. Usually there are some great choices this store has to offer, but this wasn't the case now. The whole collection reminded me of the Versus tribute we got a few months back, unispired and dull. The only thing I bought were the "Velvet Laces Boots".
On Wednesday as usual the new issue of Callie's Picks was released. The 24th issue was all about "Grunge Glam". I have to admit that this whole grunge thing is starting to get a bit tiring. There are many more interesting styles that grunge and girly, Stardoll! However, there were a few pieces that are worth buying. My faves were two things I already own, the "Silver Sweater Dress" and the "Checkered Red Shirt", which I both styled in the "How to Style: The Oversized Sweater" post from last week. My other two picks were the "Bleached Ruffle Jeans Skirt" and the "Nails Necklace". The skirt was a piece that I stumbled upon quite frequently while searching the bazaar, but I never got around buying it. I'll probably never wear it as a skirt, it's just too short, but I love the ruffled finish. I'm not quite sure how I can possibly style the necklace but it is an iteresting piece I wouldn't miss.
As for the last release of the week, the Mawi jewelery collection, I just can't get paste the amazing display and the presentation of the store. It's so much different than what we usually see on Stardoll. Very modern and editorial like. I might buy a pair of earrings in the future, but as of now there is nothing I can't live without.


  1. As usual, a great assessment! Thanks for taking the time.

  2. Tartan crossover top goes so well with tartan wool skirt! Give it a try =) and frankie morello boots are amazing also. I loved this collection, sk8r beanie is very cute too =D

  3. The best release in the last callie's pick is silver sweater dress. I was waiting it for quite a long and I couldn't find it under 500sd. As for the checkered red shirt too expensive for an old freebie but a beautiful piece.
    I didn't like any of the MSW dresses and as for the Mawi not sure yet.