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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Capsule Wardrobe #2 : Futuristic Samurai

Do you remember the Five Pieces Project  I changed the name of it to "Capsule Wardrobe". The rules are still the same, five different outfits with five items, just under a different tittle. I have to admit that this time the collection of the clothes is rather odd and I noticed that just now, while writing the post. There is a fairy skirt, a pair of leather pants and a puffy sleeved top. However after many different combinations I tried, this ended up beeing the best possible. I started with the "Futuristic Samurai" theme in mind, but then somehow lost it in the way, with the last outfit beeing completely off topic and my least favourite of the bunch... My five pieces are : Charcoal Streetstyle Overcoat from Strike A Pose, Beaded Leaf Ball Skirt from Voile, Slimane Leather Pants from Saint Laurent Paris Tribute, White Towel Wrap from Bird's Eye and Tingeling's Gold Plated Top.
1. Gold Plated Top, Tingeling | White Towel Wrap, Bird's Eye | Gianni White Gladiators, LE | Pleather Bandage Belt, Callie's Picks * | Crossover Knot Belt, Apres Ski * | Structured Thick Belt, Fallen Angel * | Static Metal Belt, Nelly | Leg Tattoo, Evil Panda * ||
2. White Towel Wrap, Bird's Eye | Kim K Halloween Boots, Young Hollywood | Shirt, Monster High * | Belted Bag, Callie's Picks * ||
3. Beaded Leaf Ball Skirt, Voile | Royalty Spring Ceremony Sandals, Royalty | Diploma Veil, Voile * (x2) | Heavy Chainlink Necklace, Saint Laurent Paris | Hammered Metal Necklace, Bonjour Bisou * | Shiny Choker, Rio * | Steel Triangle Necklace, Velvet Orchid ||
4. Charcoal Streetstyle Overcoat, Strike A Pose (and West Egg Purse, Decades *) | Slimane Leather Pants, Saint Laurent Paris | White Towel Wrap, Bird's Eye | Cross Over Bag, Mr * | Leather Satchel , Versus Versace/Callie's Picks | Celine Wedges, LE ||
5. White Towel Wrap, Bird's Eye | Beaded Leaf Ball Skirt, Voile (resized) | Diploma Veil, Voile * | Minimalist Alexander Heels, Bonjour Bisou | HotBuys No5 Purse, Bonjour Bisou ||

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  1. I love every single one of them, and especially #3 & #5 :) the challenge was kinda difficult, I don't know how I would have styled them myself.. but bravo ;)