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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Help : How to organize your Stardoll wardrobe

Organization is essential when you have a lot of clothes and accessories. It is so much easier to create an outfit when you know where everything is and you don't have to scroll back and forth forever. A few years back I have written a similar post (here) but many things changed since then, many new features were added and many more clothes were purchased. I almost never used the clothes at the end of my wardrobe since it took so much time to get there. So I decided to take advantage of a feature I've never used before, the closet tab that's on the left side of every room, the one you use when you want to create a room style. It's a time consuming process, but it's worth it. You need to separate all your clothes in categories (dresses, pants, coats etc) and subcategories accroding to color, length, style. Same goes for accessories, shoes and bags. When you are done it will be so much easier to jump through pages to find a different category. Apart from beeing practical, you will notice that you can see your clothes much better now, since their are not overlapping one another. And if you keep it neat and tidy, it will save you a lot of time in the future :)


  1. So you just move them around in this area?
    I have so much stuff it would take me days to do it. Plus, mine are all in order by type and color in my closet. You're correct about the time it takes to get to the end of your closet. That's where my gowns are, so I almost never wear them except when they're new!

  2. I had them organized like you in my closet, but lately some of them starting moving places for no reason and it was very frustrating. I did it in parts, one day I arranged the coats, the other day the pants, and so on, because it's too tiring to make all of this in one single day. But I am very happy with the result.

  3. I've rearranged my closet several times, switching items from Storage to the closet and vice versa. I also re-organize when I switch my dolls gender back to male.

  4. I did this last summer and it was excruciatingly time consuming but so gratifying in the end. The clothes in my closet were constantly changing places and when I was organizing them for the second time in a month I realised I have had ENOUGH. Now everything is neatly organised and easy to find. I even get annoyed when I visit other people's suites and I have to browse through their closet - how to people get by without a proper organisation?

  5. Well, i tried this like a month ago but i dont like it. First all, i cant see my brandnew items so it is a minus. I can forget what i got easily :/
    It might be good for people who have hundreds of pages clothes but other than that, it really dissapointed me. It have great functions too but, not worked for me :/

  6. I did that a long time a go becouse the mess was driving me crazy jeje it's a very good advice!

  7. haha, i decided to give a try. I start this afternoon. In th middle of the work, power goes off ;-;. Luckily, i was saving from time to time plus i close my laptop on time to avoid the page to refresh by itself.
    Anyway, I realized I have over 300 accessories and over 250 clothes not counting the one I wearing in my rooms and the displayed ones.
    When I was done (power goes off again, but saved just in time before :s), I see it much much better to navigate, i rediscover forgotten items :P.

    1. At least you were lucky at the end, it would have been so awful if you haven't saved on time and loose all that work !