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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How to Style : The Oversized Sweater

Autumn is right around the corner, for the northern hemisphere at least. It's my favourite time of the year, since you can still go out with bare legs but you can also layer a sweater over your top. There is this feeling when you are wearing an oversized sweater, it makes you feel cozy and comfy, which no other piece of clothing can beat. It's the perfect solution when you are bored to get dressed or not in the mood for fancy clothing. You can style it up or down with the right accessories and create a day to night look.
For the Stardoll styling I went with two casual looks and a more fancy one. As you can see the accessorizing is very simple, since the sweaters alone are kind of statement pieces, so I didn't want to end up with oveloaded outfits.
P.S.Stardoll, please NEVER fix the resize glitch :P

In the picture : Silver Sweater Dress, Fallen Angel | Oversized Draped Sweater, Bonjour Bisou | Oversized Off Shoulder Sweater, Bonjour Bisou | Oversize Gown Top, Voile | Cave Painting Sweater, Original Future
Photos Credit : Sheep & Stitch

1|| Silver Sweater Dress, Fallen Angel | Malta Clear Stilettos, Riviera * | PPQ Black Gabriel Bag, PPQ | Giftometer  Summer Big Metal Earrings, Special Offer * | PPQ Long Earrings, PPQ | (For the shirt tied around the waist) Norah Scarf, Miss Sixty | Stardoll Belt, It Girls * | SIU Checkered Red Shirt, Campaign Store * | Beat Poet Scard, Bonjour Bisou ||
2|| Oversized Off Shoulder Sweater, Bonjour Bisou | Gold Plated Top, Tingeling | Slimane Leather Pants, Saint Laurent Paris | Faux Leather Leggings, Rio * | Sheer Beach Skirt, Riviera | Cuffed Shoes, Nelly | White Beach Pack, Riviera ||
3|| Oversized Draped Sweater, Bonjour Bisou | White Daisy Blouse, Decades * | Blak Pencil Skirt, Fallen Angel * | Grey Ractangle Skirt, Bonjour Bisou | Steel Grey Pencil Skirt, Pretty n' Love * | Minimalist Alexander Heels, Bonjour Bisou | Chanel Chains Handbag, Chanel ||


  1. Thanks for doing this. All three are terrific looks!

  2. Third look is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
    Nice job :-)

  3. Love this post, and your blog! Your style and taste are just great. <3