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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Miss Stardoll World 2014

Hello, my lovely readers! As you all probably know by now, Miss Stardoll World contest has started. So if you are trying to get a spot in the semifinals leave a comment here and let me and the other members of the blog know. I'll try to vote you as many times as I can, as a little thank you for coming in here :)
P.S. I love this year's color theme! It's a nice change after all these purples and pinks all over the site.


  1. My dolls name in stardoll is xXDiscoPunkGurl. I really want to win thisyear :)

  2. I'm running, I hope to get into the Semi finals.
    I too love the color scheme! I love green, so this was a perfect change from the regular colors.

  3. What a great idea to let us know for whom to vote for MSW. I shall get busy on it now!

  4. vote for billi32306 on stardoll for MSW

  5. Guys i am trying for usa msw quarterfinalist.. Please vote me, i have awesome gifts, i am doing a giweavay! Thanks for this post ilgd =) ♥

  6. just so u know i also luv this years theme. i know that it would b a miracle if i won but still its my dream to become MSW atleast just for once,plz vote for me ,i will really appreciate it ,just so u know my name on stardoll is billi32306