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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Subcouture New Collection |||

I'm wearing : Pink Primavera Gown, Royalty | Death Metal Jacket, Subcouture | Pink Strappy MSW Heels, MSW | Left and Right Shoulder Pad, Archive | Licorice Tassle Clutch, Subcouture | Lumiere Clutch, Royalty * | Right Gold Cuff, Subcouture | Solid Gold Bracelet, Riviera | Wig designed by dissolvedgirl

Yesterday a new collection of Subcouture was released. Like the previous collections it will only be available for 48 hours so you have to be quick and pick your favourites before it's gone!
I was quite impressed with the previous collection so my hopes were high for this one, especially after seeing the instagram spoiler with the spiked jacket. I must admit I was fairly dissapointed. At first glance it looks to me more like a Limited Edition collection mainly because of all these colors and the length of the dresses. It looks to "tacky" for an haute couture collection... The "Death Metal Jacket" beeing the highlight of the store and a superstar exclusive piece, was the only piece of clothing I bought. I like the combination of silver and gold the straps that are designed so you can see just a bit of skin underneath. The "Right Gold Cuff" is a lovely minimal geometric jewelry and the only con is that is a beauty parlor item. The same goes for the "Camo Veil Headpiece". You know my love for headpieces, so of course I wouldn't miss that one! It's unique and just a bit wierd, the things I look for in headpieces, but the fact that it's a beauty parlor item makes me almost certain I won't use it a lot. The "Sorbet Tassle Earrings" are cute and even though they are colorful amd maybe a little over the top, they can wirk great with a monochrome outfit. Lastly, the "Lace Up High Boots" are one of those statement shoes that can make any outfit much more interesting.

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