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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Royalty New Collection : Elie Saab

I've started writing this post almost a week ago and I haven't found time till now to finish it. I barely had time to log in to stardoll and check USD just to see the new releases.  It's such a relief to finaly have some free time to invest on my blog! Stay tuned for more posts today and tommorow :) 
Last Friday a new collection of Royalty was released. Let's talk about perfection! Remember me saying that I'm not into gowns? Well, I'm into those Elie Saab gowns which are pure awesomeness. For the first time in years I'm actually excited I'm royalty :) Stardoll really hit the spot with this release. Many members were requesting an Elie Saab collection and making it royalty-exclusive was a very smart move on Stardoll's part! If I wasn't already royalty I would definitely consider beeing one just to get my hands on some of these beauties! 
I really don't know where to start this review from because the beauty in this store is overwhelming. I'll probably buy most of the collection at some point, but in this post I'll show you my most favourite pieces. Let me start by writing that the prices are great. This could have easily be a Young Hollywood or a tribute collection with prices from 60sd and over. The most expensive item now costs 28 stardollars which is not much more than what we pay for regular releases.
The showpiece of the collection is of course the "Lumiere Gown". I know I'll probably never wear it but I can't resist buying it. The sparkles are beautiful and with the Underneath Store now the cleavage is not a problem. 
The accessories were my second favourite part of the store, with the "Diva Black Heels" beeing the first on my list. You can never go wrong with a pair of black heels. The "Runway Shoulder Bag" is beautifully made. The color combination, the shadowing and the way it sits on the medoll, a little higher than most shoulder bags, make it a must have piece! The "Black Soiree Jacket" looks realistic and the "Black Satin Corset Dress" even though it's a simple black dress has great texture and shadowing. Finally the "Haute Couture Black Lace Top" is a very delicate piece with great detailing and the "Pink Primavera Gown" it's an ethereal and airy piece. Overall I like most of the store but I knew that many of them wouldn't fit in my wardrobe so I limited myself to these pieces.


  1. I loved this collection as well. My favourite item was ''Runway Shoulder Bag''. Price range is very affordable, i am totally gonna but stuff :) nice post

  2. Nice review of the collection. I'm going to take a look!