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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Remix : Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket

I don't know if you have noticed it but when I like a certain item, I tend to wear it multiple times. I usually try to avoid wearing it repeatedly, but that doesn't always work. So today I thought why not take advantage of it and create a new column? In the "Sunday Remix" posts I'll show you how I wore a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or any accessory, in the past. It will be like a collage of how you can style an item differently every time! For this very first post, I choose my beloved "Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket" from Evil Panda. It's a go-to piece and when I first bought it I had to stop myself from wearing it all the time because it fits well in every kind of outfit and style :P
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  1. It's the perfect jacket. you have given me inspiration to carry it with that bag ;)

  2. Love how you styled that jacket. It does look best with something "soft" to balance it's harshness :)