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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Callie's Picks Issue No. 20 : Bikinimania

We are in the middle of July and Stardoll has decided to dedicate this week's Callie's Picks to that! That means a collection with bikinis, sandals and beach accessories. In Callie's words "But, whether or not you're on the beach or stuck in an office, it's always summer on Stardoll". 

There is not much for me in this issue and many members share the same opinion as me. However I got past the beachwear and focused on the accessories of the collection. 
I lately have an obsession with layering necklaces so I got two lovely ones from the store, the "Turquoise Tradition Necklace" and the "Gold Cascade Necklace". 
I bought the "Odalisque Pants" as a layering piece as I doubt I'll wear them as they are! 
The (once PPQ) "All Black Sandals" are a staple for every wardrobe and can work in many outfits! 
Lastly there is a Versus Tribute bag, "Leather Satchel" which you can barely see in the left outfit, layered underneather the jacket. Quite nice but I'm not sure if I want to spend so much for it. 

What was your favourite piece?
I'm wearing : (left) Frappe Tee, It Girls | Fighting for Trousers, Nelly | Odalisque Pants, Rio/Callie's Picks | Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt, Evil Panda | Leather Satchel, Versus Tribute/Callie's Picks | All Black Sandals, PPQ/Callie's Picks | Solid Gold Choker, Riviera | Turquoise Tradition Necklace, Callie's Picks | (right) Frappe Tee, It Girls | Basic White Long Skirt, Basics * | Charlun Shoes, Killah | Solid Gold Choker, Riviera | Turquoise Tradition Necklace, Callie's Picks | Gold Cascade Necklace, Callie's Picks
*starcoins item


  1. I've also loved the Zoric Necklace and even if it costs 12 sd I'd buy it ^^

  2. My picks are that black bag and red hair thing :) statement necklaces are quite good also :)