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Monday, 16 June 2014

How to Style : Mr. Clothes

Who said that a girl can't wear boys clothes! Inspired from the latest Mr. collection, I searched my wardrobe for my favourite men's clothing and accessories to present you in this How to Style post. 
The problem with the boys clothes are the wide shoulders and of course the position of the legs. So if you can cover those problematic areas you can achieve a perfect look. In the men's section, the prices are better (more starcoins items) and you can find amazing button ups and logo shirts.

State Board Short, Mr | Jeans Shorts, Fallen Angel * | Germany World Cup Jersey, Windows on the World * | Famous T-Shirt, Fallen Angel * | Vaccation Shirt, Mr | Short Sleeve Duotone Shirt, Mr * | Indipendence Shirt, Mr | Boucle Knit Sweater, Special Offer | Crazy Diamond Print Shirt, Special Shirt | Mr. Street Wear Sweatshirt, Fudge | Coat Insp By Jil Sander, Fudge | Delhi Velvet Coat, Film Theory | 50s College Cardigan, Mr | Preppy Sweater, Mr * | Laptop Case, Mr * | Jared Hat, Mr * | Cross Over Bag, Mr * | Safari Bag, Mr *

Left outfit : Black Wrap Blazer Dress, Windows on the World | Jeans Shorts, Fallen Angel Boys * | Silver Shimmer Heels, Pretty n' Love | Laptop Case, Mr. * | Strapping Belt, Decades * | Pastel Paris Hair, Hot Buys Weekly/Callie's Picks | Black Cherries Headpiece, Anna Sui | Bow Visor, Riviera | Stacy Cap
Right outfit : Vaccation Shirt, Mr. | Ruffled Pocket Pants, Bonjour Bisou | Everyday Long Blazer, It Girls * | Two Tone Vest, Fallen Angel Boys * | PPQ Black Gabriel Bag, PPQ | Iris Shoes, Nelly | Solid Gold Bracelet, Riviera

*starcoins items
P.S. Some of the clothes in the first picture are only visible through the catalog

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