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Friday, 13 June 2014

Competition : Downton Abbey

It's time for the first blog competition! I have been watching Downton Abbey non stop this past week and I got really into the whole 20s vibe. So your challenge is to create a Downton Abbey inspired look. If you haven't watched the show (which I strongly recommend you do), there are plenty of images on google.

The rules : 
- You can dress up your doll or mine (here), or create the outfit in Starplaza.
- You must be a follower of this blog and have a disqus account. Guests are not allowed to enter.
- Your picture must be clear. If you create your outfit in suite use the full screen mode to print screen, if you create it in Starplaza you can use the zoom feature your browser has.
- Photo editing is not allowed
- Post the picture on the comments section, not the link.
- You can submit your entries until Friday, 13 June.
- If there are less than five valid entries, the contest will be extended for one more week.

The prize will be 50 stardollars or wishlist gifts worth up to that ammount if the entries are more than five. Otherwise the prize will be 20 stardollars.
You can use anything you want, stardesign creations, suite items etc. I'm looking for creativity! Also don't forget the accessories :) Gloves, hats and jewellery are a very important part of the 20s look, so pay attention to them.

P.s. If you dress up my doll, you can find my accessories in my closet and in the two Alpine Chalet suites. My hair and make up will stay the same during these two weeks, i choose a style that I believe fits with the theme.

Winner is Green_Eye_Angel ! Congratulations :)


  1. Love the outfit with the Saint Laurence shoes!

  2. ok! I´m in ;)

  3. Ingenious!

  4. I saw the first season but for some reason I stopped watching after a while. I gotta find the time to see the rest of the episodes. Nonetheless, I'm exited to give it a go - I love retro outfits.

  5. This is NOT an entry - I plan on a way more simple everyday outfit but I couldn't resist dabbling with the formal attire just for fun. None of the ourfits are as impressive as your look in the previous post but I had fun (and I'm procrastinating, being too lazy to start writing a paper for school).

  6. wow this is incredible! every one of the outfits is amazing :)
    i know the feeling, i usually am around stardoll when i have something more important to do, e.g.. studying :P

  7. you should really watch it, it 's one of the best shows i have seen! I can't wait to see your entry :)

  8. OMG!! That is perfect! I don´t have any espectation now :( jejeje

  9. wedding day

  10. That little black bag in callies picks was a hotbuys in fallen angel.. i love it :)

  11. cincilkanikolka10 June 2014 at 23:51

    hello guys ::) bid on moschino oh behave top! cincilkanikolka on sd. sorry for ad

  12. Here's my entry - I'm sorry about the delay - I've been super busy with my finals lately. I wished to crate something new but I just don't have the time.
    P.S.: I'm gonna crate a post on my blog redirecting to your competition just in case that could bring a few more people in. Hope that's OK :)