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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Rio New Collection

I'm wearing : Chiffon Train Top, Rio | Ankle Shackles Pants, Subcouture | Everyday Long Blazer, It Girls * | Bracelet Clutch, Callie's 
Picks/Bonjour Bisou/Archive | Stacy Cap * | Bow Visor, Riviera
This week Stardoll released a new collection of Rio. It's now official, Rio is my favourite store. A few years ago I would have never imagined saying such a thing, with all the gold and sparkly clothes Rio used to have. However during this last year the store is starting to take a different direction and even though some of the animal prints and sequins remain, there are several pieces that really stand out!

In this collection the one piece that caught my attention immediately was the "Chiffon Train Top", a piece with an original design and great graphics. And for 13 stardollars, it was a great purchase!
My other picks are the "Silver Paulista Stilettos", a pair of delicate, stunning heels, the "White Drape Blazer", because a white jacket is always a must have, and last but not least the "Red Fringe Purse". Red is not the color I usually go for, but I was impressed with the fringes movement. I can't express my self better but I feel that the fringes add a vividness to the bag.

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