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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Callie's Picks Issue No.18 Print Perfect

The 18th issue of Callie's Picks is here and the theme is Print Perfect. That means many dresses with abstract prints and bright colors! In Callie's words "Be Perfect Print, for a vibrant, daring you :) ". I hope the next collection will be all about minimalism, because frankly we had enough of those maximalism collections already...
Back to the collection, of course it was all about the DVF bow ("Oversized Bow"). One of the rare items on Stardoll, released on the DVF Tribute back in 2010. I never understood all the fuss about this bow, I would have never paid a few hundreds of stardollars for it, but for 9 stardollars is a pretty good deal :) I'm planning on styling it as a scarf/bowtie. For me though this collection was all about this dress ("Multi Color Paillettes Frock"). So many colors but still such an easy piece to wear!
I'm wearing : Multi Color Paillettes Frock, DVF/Callie's Picks | Double Chanel Purses, Chanel Tribute | Silver Shimmer Heels, Pretty n' Love | Sparkly Silver Socks, Saint Laurent Tribute | Perennials Socks, Pretty n' Love * | Pastel Paris Hair, Hot Buys Weekly/Callie's Picks | Lady Longhorne Shrung, Sea of Stars | Armor Top, Fallen Angel *
*starcoins items

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I see now, I don't need to go to Callie's Picks