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Friday, 23 May 2014


Floral Pants, Roberto Cavalli | Floral Black Blouse, Roberto Cavalli | Chain Gorget, Archive * | Cable Knit Bf Sweater, Mortal Kiss | Tiffany Hat, Decades * | Mami Inspired Top, Bonjour Bisou | Gingham Breeze Skirt, Moschino | Tartan Cardigan, Versus Versace | Hot BuysVoyage Big Bag, Hot Buys Weekly | Stardoll Headscarf, It Girls * | Chanel Chains Handbag, Chanel
*starcoins items
I have a pretty long wishlist, especially if you consider that I was around when all of these were released, but for some reason I never bought them. My top priority items are seen in the picture above. You can see some pieces from the early days of Stardoll, like the headscarf and some most recent like the Chanel bag. Starbazaar search is not always helpful, especially when searching for tributes, so I keep adding new things and I rarely find something to cross of my wishlist. Of course there is always Callie's Picks, maybe I'll be lucky..You can see my full list on my starblog here.
If you have any of these and you want to get rid of them, you found the right person :) Contact me in my guestbook here
Do you have a wishlist? What's you most wanted item?

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