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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Outfit of the Day : Neon_Bones

Today's outfit is from : Neon_Bones
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She is wearing :
Cloud Print Tee, Bonjour Bisou *
Multi Print Skirt, Antidote
Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt, Evil Panda
Chanel Chains Handbag, Chanel Tribute
Minimalist Alexander Heels, Bonjour Bisou
Tattoos from Evil Panda and Ink'd
Purple Ombre Base Hair, MS.TQ
PPQ Gold Chain Necklace, PPQ


  1. Great combination here. Love the simple shoes with all the graphics in the outfit.

  2. Not to crazy about this collection. Bathing suits are expensive, too. I did buy the golden earrings, though. Might go back to get the golden bracelets.