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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How to Style : The Visible Bra

We see it everywhere, bras showing under see through tops and peeking out of shirts. It's definitely a trend that has a lot of fans but at the same time is difficult to pull it off. There is a thin line that if you cross,  you may end up looking a little "too naked". You have to keep it classy, so if you are going to wear a sheer top, keep the rest of the outfit modest.

Wearing this trend on Stardoll is much easier, since we don't have to deal with practicality or comfort. And there is a vide variety of bras/bikini tops in starplaza in many colours and patterns to choose from. In the picture you can see a selection from Riviera, Basics, Velvet Orchid and Wild Candy.

Left Outfit : Blushed Tapered Trousers, It Girls * | Silk Shirt, Archive/Callie's Picks | Carnival Rihanna Top, Riviera | Subcouture Tote, Subcouture | Pink Strappy MSW Heels, MSW '13 | Swiss Watch, Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Right Outfit : Button Down Blouse, Pretty n' Love | Ruffle Trim Bra, Rio * | Bright Wedding Skirt, Voile (resized as seen in this post) | Blows White Robe, Riviera | Lace Up Cut Out Booties, Nelly | Laptop Case, Mr * | Solid Gold Choker, Riviera | Gold Body Jewel, Riviera

*starcoins items
P.S. Wig designed by dissolvedgirl

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