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About us

Stardoll Broadcast was founded in April of 2011, by two sisters, ilgd and gd4e.

We first shared the news and updates of stardoll. But we soon got tired of that so the blog was slowly abandoned. Just a few posts were published during 2012 and that's when we decided to close down the blog. 

In October of 2013, Stardoll Broadcast was re-opened and was run only by me (ilgd). I still continued to write about the updates and the latest news, but focused more on the fashionaspect of Stardoll, by featuring outfits of other members and my outfit ideas. Many new collumns were also introduced like"Outfit of the Day", "Featured" and "How to style it".

For any advice or help you need or any question you have, my guestbook (here) is always open for all of you! If you are interested to be media partners with SDB please comment in here or in my guestbook (here)

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