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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My Style : Gloomy Evening

I don't know when the "skirt over pants" became a thing again, but I happen to see it everywhere lately and it really stuck in my mind. I have seen it styled amazingly but at the same time it's a trend that scares me because it's so easy to mess it up. So since I don't intend to wear it in real life anytime soon what better way than to try it out on Stardoll!
The bottom part of my outfit is covered up so I chose a revealing top to balance it. It turned out to be a daring look...
I'm wearing : Side Train Pencil Skirt, Callie's Picks | High Waisted Trousers, Bonjour Bisou | Perfect Boxy Blazer, Limited Edition | Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt, Evil Panda | Subcouture Factory Heels, Subcouture | McQueen Beekeeper Hat, Museum Mile ||


  1. This is so daring! I love it--well balanced and the hat just makes it.

  2. can i ask something? where do you find the photos of the stardoll stores? in google images?