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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Voile New Collection

I'm wearing : Midnight Taffeta Skirt, Voile | Beaded Leaf Ball Skirt, Voile | Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt, Evil Panda | Minimalist Alexander Heels, Bonjour Bisou | Raffia Sunhat, Millionaire Mansion Fashion | Random silver bracelets from Fallen Angel, Evil Panda, Tingeling | Winged Godess Earring, Voile

So the new Voile collection..The MSW contest is probably coming in the next few days hence the many new formalwear releases.  But, I can't complaint, since I have found many stuff I like in this one! Many of the dresses are the usual stardoll releases, pink fit and flare mini dresses, bustiers and mermaid skirts (although I must admit that I'm pretty tempted to buy the "Midnight Taffeta Skirt") , nothing new and unexpected. 
However there were some unique and beautiful pieces, one of them beeing the "Herrera Gown". It's not the typical black gown, the neckline, the sleeves and the long slit at the front make a difference. It might not be versatile but it's a stand out piece on its own. 
The "Beaded Leaf Ball Skirt" on the other hand is a piece that can be worn in many ways. I love this off white color and the different layers of transparency. You can't really see it in the plaza dressing room since it almost blends with the background, it looks much better in a darker room. 
The "Bronze Clutch" has two pros, it's priced in starcoins and it looks very realistic. I'm not a big fan of brown accessories but the red details and the design of this one made me make an exception. 
There are two pieces that I bought that I'm not sure of them, the "Beaded Couture Tee" and the "Metal Fringe Belt". I'm planning on wearing them together, using the belt as a necklace. I find the top to be a little flat looking, but I'm in lack of white tops and this was a good option. 
And last but definitely not least, my favourite thing of the collection, the "Winged Godess Earring". I'm all into ear cuffs and this is a very good alternative. I like that it's not that small and you can see it in your suite and I also like the price! You can also buy two of them and make them a pair ( I did :P )
I threw on a very quick outfit, and I was happy to see that these two pieces make a pretty good match.

Thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted for the designers of the real life versions.
P.S. I can't get enough of this jacket...

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  1. I like reading your posts. They are well thought out and a joy to read. Thumbs Up!