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Friday, 25 July 2014

LE New Collection

The new LE collection is here. There is one notable thing about this collection, it's not grunge/90's style like we were promised. It feels more like a wild west/bohemian style.

I was away when it got released so I missed the two items I liked, the "Electra Fringe Shawl" and the "LE Chiffon Vest". However I still got some things, only accessories though. I got the "Diamond Rivets Hat" and the "Chain Dallas Hat". They are not something special, but I bought them eitherway for my hat collection..
I also bought two pair of shoes, the "Celine Wedges" and the "Sherriff Snake Wedges". At first look I didn't like them but I have saved some stardollars for LE, which I wanted to spend. So I got them through Stardoll Access after many hours and with without thinking about it too much, just for the sake of it. I can honestly say that I don't regret it at all. I'm in love with the "Celine Wedges", they are beautiful and unique with the quirky heel! I wore them right away, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear from the other pair too.

I'm wearing : Basic Black Long Skirt, Basics * | Blue Wrap Around Skirt, It Girls * | Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket, Evil Panda | Bracelet Clutch, Callie's Picks/Bonjour Bisou/Archive | Heavy Chainlink Necklace, Saint Laurent Paris Tribute | Shackle Metal Necklace, Fallen Angel *
*starcoins items


  1. Jenny-boo/lahurina26 July 2014 at 10:50

    I acctualy like this collection,there are some easy-to-style items and I'm just in love with the bags! I was late for the Sheer Vest,too, but I hope I'll get it once this collection is sellable :)

  2. i only bought the sheer west and its very hard to combine with. i tried with a turtleneck white dress, they looked okey, i tried with a bra, it was horrible. Do you guys have any ideas how to combine it? thank you

  3. I love the collection, I didn't buy everything like I did with the last LE, but I really love this collection

  4. haha I was awake super-early yesterday and I got lucky for I was there the moment when everything was available. I'm a true Kate Moss aficionado, and I got so disappointed when I saw this collection (I mean, I feel like Stardoll is kinda boycotting her, right ?).. I reminds me of the Cohen Bros movies (NO Country for Old Men etc.), but I'm not sure if I like it or not..
    But, anyway, great work with those shoes, I think I'm gonna get them :)
    (and thanks for the feature !) x

  5. I have to agree with you on that! I tried to style it in starplaza but I ended up quiting. It's a difficult piece to style but still stunning! I would wear it with a deep v top, but I couldn't find anything that looked okay :/

  6. i couldnt find a deep v neck top, however i realised it looks kinda okay with bandeau tops too! espacially straight black ones! thanks for the top btw :)