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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dior Couture Tribute

This Monday a new tribute was released and this time it was Dior! The collection is a pleasure to the eyes, great quality, cohesion and stand out pieces. It reminds me of the old times tributes with the beautiful, statement clothes and not the casual wear the recent tributes are consisted of.
The prices are okay in general, some items are more on the expensive side like the "White Rose Embroidered Skirt" (38 stardollars), but overall it's a good deal for a high quality collection. There is a dress (Dior Silk Couture Dress, 65 stardollars) available only for superstars (second floor, dress on the middle).
Tribute accessories are always on my wishlist, and the shoes on this collection is a must have! I'm also a sucker for high waisted cropped pants and so the two pairs were an immediate purchase. As for the statement piece of the collection, the "Couture Layered Dress", even though it's pink, it stands out for its unique and original design.
Clothes : Dior Couture Black Trousers, Dior Couture Plum Trousers, Couture Layered Dress | Accessories : Peach Satin Bow, Plum Pearls Necklace | Shoes : White Couture Heels, Plum Couture Heels, Black Dior Heels *** I'm wearing : White Rose Embroidered Skirt, Dior Couture | White Rose Couture Top, Dior Couture | Snow Sleeve Jacket, Decades | Blush Dior Heels, Dior Couture | Several Plum and Blush Pearls Necklaces | Left and Right Chain Shoulder Pad, Archive | Joanne Royalty Precious Armour Necklace, Royalty | Chanel Inspired Necklace designed by me | Hair designed by dissolvedgirl

Here is the collection :


  1. I loved this tribute as well, we've def. being needing a couture tribute. i'm surprised you like the heels though, the shape of the heel looks unflattering imo.

  2. I'm not crazy about any of the shoes. I detest the strapped ones. They look stupid. Like a pair of men's socks' garters. Ugly. Yes, the heels are a bit weird, but I bought the pair that matched the dress I loved. I do like the bags, too. Classy and Classic.

  3. Im in love with blush shoes and the bows =)
    Very nice collection but i found them a little pricy - stardoll is getting expensive everyday -
    Anywho, i ll try to get them asap =)