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Monday, 30 June 2014

Lately on Stardoll : Fendi Tribute, It Girls, Windows on the World and Curlfriend

Hey there, I'm back from an unexpected trip near the sea and away from my laptop! You can see a few snapshots I uploaded on my instagram hereIt was a relaxing and pleasant week, exactly what I needed in this summer heat :) Speaking of which, there are only 9 days left for the thermometer to fill up, and it seems that it's moving very slowly. I'm worried that it won't reach the last bonus...
Except the thermometer, a lot more have happened during my absence. I'll try to sum them up in this post.
We got three store releases, It Girls, Windows on the World and the Fendi Tribute. 

The It Girls collection was my favourite of the three. A great collection with many interesting pieces, but I was mostly eager to try on the "Crossover Cardigan" and the "Olive Stockholm Jacket". I ended up buying a lot more. I was pleasantly surprised with the Linen Boater Top and Trousers, because I find stripy clothes difficult to style but these two seem to be very versatile! The "Striped Boater Bikini" and the "Rhinestone Tiara Headpiece" (not pictured below) were my last two picks.

The Fendi Tribute on the other hand dissapointed me. The prices weren't exactly appealing and that totally put me off from buying some items I have spotted on the spoilers. I invested on the "Nude Monster Wallet" thinking I could resize it and wear it as a clutch, which I did in the picture below. My other two picks are basic pieces that I know I'll wear them a lot, the "Black Fendi Belt" and the "Nude Gold Heels"

There's not much to say for the Windows on the World collection. The clothes are not my style, they are too dressy for my liking so I only got the "Black Cigarette Pants" because you can't never go wrong with a pair o black trousers :)

I'm wearing : (left) Crossover Cardigan, It Girls | Black Cigarette Pants, Windows on the World | Black Lace Dress, Basics * | PPQ Black Gabriel Bag, PPQ | Lace Up Cut Out Booties, Nelly | Crossover Knot Belt, Apres Ski *  (right) Linen Boater Top, It Girls | Linen Boater Trousers, It Girls | Black Fendi Belt, Fendi Tribute | Gianni White Gladiators, LE | Nude Monster Wallet, Fendi Tribute  (hair designed by dissolvedgirl and necklace by me)  *starcoins items

The last thing that happened this week and the most awaited was the Curlfriend stardesing pieces. The quality of the new pieces is so much better than the older ones, and it makes it much easier. even for a begginer, to create a wig. Plus the final results will cost you less since you won't need to use many extra pieces to create shadings. I hope they'll soon take into consideration the request of many members for more wig spots. Anyway, I can't wait to see what everyone will create, I didn't have the time to look around buut I bet there is a lot of awesomeness on the hair bazaar at the moment :p


  1. very nice post! when i saw the it girls i was like
    ohh ilgd will love it! its just her style :)
    anywho, agree with fendi tribute - extreme expensive, a few good items.
    as always, love your blog =)

  2. haha that's cool :) Thank you!