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Monday, 7 July 2014

Callie's Picks & Fallen Angel New Collections

I'm wearing : Draped Peplum Top, Callie's Picks/Chanel | Bright Wedding Skirt, Voile resized as seen on this post | Shoulder Slung Moto Jacket, Evil Panda | Spike Velvet Bow, Saint Laurent Paris | Blue White Shoes, Callie's Picks | Extreme Spike Choker, Fallen Angel | Chain Necklace, Fallen Angel * | Solid Gold Choker, Riviera | Steel Triangles Necklace, Velvet Orchid | Masai Hair from Tress Up | *starcoins items

The Fallen Angel new pieces were released last Wednesday. There is not something eye catching in this collection. The "Tulle Skirt w Leggings" would have been interesting without the leggings, but with them it's not very versatile. My picks are the "Extreme Spike Choker" and the "Orchid Tulle Dress".The bottom part of the dress reminds me a lot of the skirt from the Street Style Young Hollywood collection and that is why I bought it in the first place. I later realised how difficult it is to style it without looking like a goth princess :)
The Callie's Picks Issue No. 19 was released on Friday the 4th of July and the theme was "Stars and Stripes" in honor of the celebration of the Independence Day. From the outfits I have seen around Stardoll it seems that the hit of the collection was the "Slashed Knee Jeans" originally from ELLE. I'm still debating over buying them or not! I don't usually wear jeans but I have seen dolls who created great outfits with them... My picks are the "Blue White Shoes", the "Draped Peplum Top" and the "Yankee Doodle Scarf". The shoes with the bright blue color and the pointy toe can work well in any outfit and for 6 stardollars they are a very good deal!
(I know I'm terribly late, but either way I wanted to post about these new collections.)


  1. I'm not a Callie's Picks kinda gal, and I especially don't care a whit for the blue shoes you picked out. I like the same pieces from the Fallen Angel collection that you have selected, plus that silver/black ruffled dress. Overall, I'd give the Fallen Angel collection a B-

  2. Callies picks was a huge dissapoinmant to me, its like they are showing off america stuff. (liked that blue shoes tho)

    I just dont get stardoll, it is getting more and more expensive everyday and we are paying huge load of money.

    Im planning on a new account, with just starcoins and planing on a blog =)
    oh by the way, can you make a post about
    How to style high waisted shorts or long jackets?
    Thank you X =)

  3. Oooh, i am feeling stupid right now - forgot all about independence day =)
    Sorry if anyone got offended, my bad :/

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep them in mind for my next how to style post :)
    As for the blog I wish you good luck! Send me the link when you make it, I'd like to see it!