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Friday, 9 May 2014

Starplaza Haul : 3 for 2 Sales

Stardoll is having a 3 for 2 sale in selected shops only, including some of the "expensive" real brands like PPQ and Nelly. It's not a 50% sale but you can still save some dollars.. I gathered my favourite stuff from these stores (Miss Sixty, Nelly, PPQ, It Girls, Pretty n' Love) in this post. All of the items you see in the picture below costed me 194 stardollars and I saved a total of 50 stardollars, which means I would have paid 244 stardollars normally.. I was surprised to find some stuff from the latest releases that I haven't noticed before like the lace up shoes from Nelly and the bag from It Girls which I'm wearing below.

From It Girls : Alexia Jacket, 15 stardollars / Frappe Tee, 8 stardollars / Faux Leather Top, 12 stardollars / Plaid Wrap Around Skirt, 7 stardollars / Olivia Shoulder Bag, 12 stardollars  From : Clean Cut Shirt, 19 stardollars / Pattern Skirt, 14 stardollars / Lace Up Cut Out Booties, 14 stardollars / Carly Ellwood Shoes, 13 stardollars / Oggy Shoes, 10 stardollars / Alice Sandals, 13 stardollars  From PPQ : Tangerine Chiffon Scarf, 8 stardollars / PPQ Gaucho Hat, 10 stardollars / White Diva Chemisier, 22 stardollars / PPQ Long Earrings, 5 stardollars  From Pretty n' Love : Bring Me Flowers Tote, 8 stardollars / Floral Silk Ball Skirt, 16 stardollars / Flowing Lace Skirt, 12 stardollars / White Spring Sandals, 7 stardollars / Black Spring Sandals, 7 stardollars  From Miss Sixty : Adelie Hat, 12 stardollars

P.S. The wig I'm wearing is designed by dissolvedgirl

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