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Monday, 12 May 2014

My Style : Candy Floss

I haven't yet decided if I love or hate this color combination. I usually hate pink on me but this hairstyle is so divine that I didn't pay much attention to the color. I tried to keep the rest of my outfit toned down, with black pants and this cute pom-pom purse.

I'm wearing :
Bright Coat, Archive
Cuffed Trousers, Otto *
Feather Shoulder Jumpsuit, Callie's Picks/Bonjour Bisou (layered underneather the cuffed trousers for extra volume)
Olivia Shoulder Bag, It Girls
Lace Up Cut Out Booties, Nelly
Swiss Watch, Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Wig desinged by dissolvedgirl


  1. lori(princessMinnie_ on stardo13 May 2014 at 23:03

    How much can you buy the adrianne boots and the suede peaxh platforms for because i want some from thia girk for 25 sd each but she wabts them for 300sd so i wouldnt pay xxx

  2. 25 sd are too low for the adrianna boots!
    I have seen them up to 600 sd on starbazaar.
    Personally I wouldn't spend more than 90 sd for them
    As for the suede peach platftorms I believe up to 60 sd is a reasonable price

  3. kalamarakia77775 August 2014 at 09:55

    Actually I have them and I sell them for 300sd and up. If someone wants them, please tell me. My username is kalamarakia7777