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Friday, 2 May 2014

How to Style : The Lace Up Sandals

The lace up sandals are one of the biggest trends the last couple of years. They can be flat, high heeled, knee high, printed, you name it. Nothings says confident and sexy better than those statement sandals. They are very easy to wear, they nearly fit with every outfit.. I created two different looks, one with my beloved "Gianni White Gladiators" and the other with the "Pink Strappy MSW Heels".

in the picture from left to right : Pink Strappy MSW Heels, Royalty Sping Ceremony Sandals, Gianni White Gladiators

Left outfit : Cave Painting Sweater, Original Future | Star Printed Skirt, Spring Surprises * | Blue Wrap Around Skirt, It Girls * | Velvet Skirt, PPQ | Bracelet Clutch, Callie's Picks/Bonjour Bisou | Gianni White Gladiators, LERight outfit : Ruffled Pocket Pants, Bonjour Bisou | High Waisted Trousers, Bonjour Bisou * | Evening Tea Blouse, Decades | Sharp White Cape Blazer, Rio | Pink Strappy MSW Heels, MSW '13 | Mint Stripe Purse, DVF/Callie's Picks
* starcoins items

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