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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Evil Panda New Collection : Tokyo

A new collection of Evil Panda was released yesterday and it was inspired by Tokyo street style. The prices range from 6 to 18 stardollars and there are two starcoins items for 96 and 147 starcoins. The collection also includes a male outfit. I'm not into Harajuku style, but I have stumbled upon many users in Stardoll who like it. Even though I don't like it I'm happy to see some variety in Starplaza and stores with different styles.
My picks are the "Anime Skirt" for 13 stardollars and the "Question Mark Bag" for 6 stardollars. I have mixed feelings for the "Cat Socks Boots", the price is outrageous (18 stardollars) and I can't decide whether they look too chunky or not.

My outfit is far from beeing Harajuku, and frankly I don't really like it but I had to post something and this was the best I could do..
I'm wearing :
Independence Shirt, Mr
Anime Skirt, Evil Panda
50's College Cardigan, Mr
Question Mark Bag, Evil Panda
Optical Flats, Bonjour Bisou *

*starcoins items

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