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Friday, 4 April 2014

Ink'd New Store

A tattoo and piercing studio has landed on Stardoll yesterday. The prices range from 2 to 13 stardollars and there are four starcoins items, ranging from 40 to 48 starcoins. The interior and the display case are available to buy too.The store has mostly colored tattoos in a wide range of styles and designs and of course a few different piercings. In this post I'll only focus on the tattoos.

Most of the tattoos go to the suite, which is convenient, and a few of the smaller ones in the beauty parlor. I quite enjoyed this collection since I was bored of the same old Evil Panda sleeve tattoos. The "Cat In A Hat Tat" was my absolutely favourite, and as a crazy cat lady it got me so excited that I got two of them. Then there were the "Dreamcatcher Leg Tattoo", which I find it a tad too big but still cute, and the "Wild Wolf Shoulder Tattoo", which was the best, design-wise, of the collection.

In the picture: "Wild Wolf Shoulder Tattoo", "Ruby Cupcake Tattoo", "Eden Chest Tattoo", "Dreamcatcher Leg Tattoo", "Cherries Tattoo", "Cat In A Hat Tat".

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