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Friday, 4 April 2014

Decades Last Chance

Decades store is closing down for good and this is your last chance to buy what you like in half price. Decades is one of the oldest stardoll stores, it's been on Stardoll for many years with it's amazing vintage clothes, and it's a pity we see it go but I hope a new improved one will replace it!
Be sure to take a look! There are some classic pieces, that you don't want to miss, like the amazing Coco Chanel hat and pumps.
Update: The store will be available until Tuesday morning 
Here are my favourite items from the store:
Top row : Skirt Inspired By Chanel, 8 stardollars | Roaring Clutch, 22 starcoins | Classic Black Handbag, 27 starcoins | Flapper Hat, 18 starcoins | Coco Pumps, 3 stardollars | Lace-up Ankle Boots, 25 starcoins | Tangles Flapper Dress, 8 stardollars | Coco Hat, 4 stardollars | Edward Striped Skirt, 5 stardollars
Bottom Row : Brocade Full Skirt, 10 stardollars | Swinging Flapper Coat, 7 stardollars | Gerald Skirt, 7 stardollars | White Daisy Blouse, 45 starcoins | Tonal Printed Full Dress, 15 stardollars | Zelda Dress, 7 stardollars

1 comment:

  1. Jana F. Martin4 April 2014 at 19:14

    I will be sorry to see Decades go. They had some cool stuff from around mid-century, too.