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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Starplaza : Starcoins Spree

Starcoins are very easy to earn but hard to spend! Many members have reached the limit and don't know what to do with them. Well, don't underestimate their value, there are great clothes and accessories in Starplaza priced in starcoins. All you need is to do a search in the catalog and I assure you, you'll find hidden treasures in there :)
Here are just a few of my favourites :

Left (from top to bottom) : White Mariniere Pull, 42 starcoins, Basics | Glove Belt, 40 starcoins, Bonjour Bisou | Blue Wrap Around Skirt, 50 starcoins, It Girls | Belted Ankle Boots, 50 starcoins, Wild Candy | Optical Flats, 85 starcoins, Bonjour Bisou | Rigotta Hat, 43 starcoins, Decades
Right (from top to bottom) : Bianca Headscarf, 46 starcoins, Rio | Turqoise Short Sleeved Top, 110 starcoins, Apres Ski | Slit Gown Skirt, 104 starcoins, Voile | White T-Bar Heels, 50 starcoins, Tingeling | Malta Clear Stilettos, 59 starcoins, Riviera | Beige Headscarf With Red Zipper, 70 starcoins, Apres Ski | Pistachio Clutch, 42 starcoins, Voile
Total cost : 791 starcoins ( not bad at all, right?)

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