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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Callie's Picks Issue No.12 : Pretty in Pastel

This week's Callie's Picks collection was released earlier today. The theme is "Pretty in Pastel".
In Callie's words : " For this issue, I've put together a collection of my favourite spring pastel pieces that I hope you 'll love! Soft pinks, baby blues, light yellows and candy mints offer a classic girly and romantic feeling, and I've thrown in some awesome boots and accessories to round out the looks".
 The store has one floor and the prices range from 3 to 26 stardollars and there are six starcoins items with their prices ranging from 40 to 136 starcoins. 
This collection is the best so far! It's aesthetically pleasant to look at, the clothes on each mannequin match and there is a cohesion that the previous collections were missing.
My favourite items from this issue are the "Pastel Paris Hair" for 10sd, the "Mint Stripe Purse" for 10sd, the "Silver Zip Wedges" for 12sd, the "Blush Jeweled Jacket" for 12sd, the "Peach Lace Short" for 136sc and the "Mint Ruffle Jumpsuit" for 19sd. I liked quite a lot as you can see :P

When it comes to pastel colors I like to combine them with more bright and vibrant colors. So in this outfit I wore my pastel wig and sunglasses with an orange stripy skirt and a mariniere top, which I never thought they would look good together, but surprisingly enough they make the perfect match. All those pastel pieces in the store have seriously messed up my mind and now I want to wear spring and colorful outfits instead of black and white!

I'm wearing : 
White Mariniere Pull, Basics
Creamiscle Stripe Skirt, Original Future
Blush Jeweled Jacket, Callie's Picks (originally from D&G tribute)
Silver Zip Wedges, Callie's Picks (originally from Bonjour Bisou)
Sky Blue Shades, Callie's Picks (originally from Bonjour Bisou)
Pastel Paris Hair, Callie's Picks (originally from Hot Buys Weekly)

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