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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

PPQ New Collection

Two new floors were added yesterday on PPQ. This collection has mostly black dresses with a few colored pieces. It's inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection. The prices range from 8 to 32 stardollars.
I was really impressed by the accessories. I mean, can we take a minute to admire how extremely beautiful is the "PPQ Gaucho Hat" (10 stardollars)?
The "PPQ Long Earrings" (5 stardollars) and the "Tangerine Chiffon Scarf" (8 stardollars) were my other purchases.
As for the clothes, I was not thrilled. I like the "Marabu Peplum Top" (20 stardollars) and the top of the "PPQ Peplum Gown" (26 stardollars). I wish the gown was two pieces so I could buy the top part..
Here is the the whole collection :

I spotted two dolls wearing some of the new items. BelleJolie used the "PPQ Gaucho Hat" and the "Velvet Keyhole Jumpsuit" (28 stardollars) in a vintage inspired outfit. She looks like she came right out of a classic movie.  Flor_14 wore the hat and the "PPQ Court Shoes" in a total black, very chic outfit. These shoes are very difficult to style but she incorporate them very well in her outfit.

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