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Friday, 7 March 2014

Lately on Stardoll : Bonjour Bisou & Nelly

We had two new collections this week. The first one was from Bonjour Bisou. The prices range from 8 to 19 stardollars and there are two starcoins iems,that cost 85 and 106 starcoins.You can find some very pretty clothes in this collection. I was immediatelly drawn to the "Printed Sweater", the "Candy Little Sweater" (such a divine color) and the "White Floral Dress".

The second collection was from Nelly. Two new floors were added and the prices range from 4 to 26 stardollars. Quite honestly, I wasn't impressed by this collection. It seems a bit rushed and poorly made.And my favourite item, the "Oggy Shoes" don't fit well. Except those shoes, my picks are the "Cara Sweater" for 22 stardollars and the "Static Metal Belt" for 6 stardollars.

P.S.What do you think of the gift-o-meter/300 million celebration?

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  1. Jana F. Martin8 March 2014 at 19:14

    This is no celebration. A bustier top, a skirt, a pair shoes, and Oh! We have the chance to spend money and get gifts for doing so. Yuck. Nothing that even has 300,000,000 on it. Nothing commemerative.