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Monday, 24 February 2014

Strike A Pose New Store

The store that many members wanted is finally here. Strike a Pose is a store with different poses for legs and hands. The store was only for superstars and it was limited. The prices range from 20 to 175 stardollars and the interior is also available for 100 stardollars.
I have to admit that this store got me super excited. I love the clean color palette and the loose shapes, there is an elegant feeling in this collection that many of the latest store releases are missing. It looks that Stardoll put effort and time in making it and I'm sure these will be some of the most wanted items in the future. 

My picks are :
1."Weaving Coat Pose" , 55 stardollars : This one was the first thing I put in my cart without even thinking. The black and white contrast and the beautiful shading caught my attention.
2."Street Style Blazer" , 40 stardollars : I still haven't tried that on my doll since it's glitchy and when I click it, instead of it the "Street Style Scarf" appears.
3."New York Blazer Denim" , 55 stardollars : I'll be completely honest, I got this one only for the hanging blazer. I don't wear jeans in Stardoll nor in real life, I find them extremely boring. It would be so much better with a pair of tailored pants, but they were selling out pretty fast so I had to act fast and not think about it for too long.
4."Strike a Pose Skirt" , 45 stardollars : I have mixed feelings for this one. The pose and color of the leg looks awkward, but I thought I could manage to cover that somehow, and the skirt is very pretty alone.
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  1. Pleaseeeee I really need those Denim Jeans is there another way to get them?

  2. you have to wait until they are sellable on the bazaar.

  3. Is anyone selling Denim Jeans?? x

  4. they are not sellable yet. Some people could sell them right after the store came out because of a glitch, but stardoll fixed it now

  5. pls sell me a denim jeans doll Didi.Salwatore. PLSS :( I want

  6. I don't understand why they don't make more money by not limiting the designs.