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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Callie's Picks Issue No.10 : Belle Of The Ball

The new collection of Callie's Picks was released yesterday. The theme was "Belle of the Ball" and it's Carnival inspired. The store has nine different costumes (one of each is for guys) and the prices range from 4 to 22 stardollars and from 52 to 84 starcoins. 
Even though there are not many items in starcoins, the stardollar items are quite reasonably priced. Stardoll seems to heard the members complains and started selling the pieces in their original prices.
I liked quite a few pieces from this collection. My picks are :
-The "Beaded Dress Inspired By McQueen", 22 stardollars : It's beautiful and it's inspired by Alexander McQueen, need I say more?
-The "Black No Heel Shoe Tights", 13 stardollars : I already had them (from Windows on the World) and I'm wearing them quite often. It's one of my favourite piece of clothing in my wardrobe.
-The "Embroidered Bell Sleeve Coat", 16 stardollars :  I had this one too, it's was from Tingeling. I like the kimono sleeves and the graphics.
-The "Forest Fairy Hair", 6 stardollars : I liked the pastel, faded color of this one and for 6 stardollars it's quite a bargain. 
-The "Metal Onesie", 11 stardollars : Yeah, I 'm wierd and I like this.


  1. The beaded dress and the onesie are very rare... or at least they were.

  2. can you buy stuff in starbazaar if you arent a superstar

  3. yes you can, but you have to be level 17 or higher.

  4. I didn't know that..Well, people will still pay a lot for the original tag

  5. How do I sell items in starbazaar? Not my bazaar, I know I can't do that because I am not a ss, but the starbaazar "shop"

  6. Stardoll:Mariahrichards_28 June 2014 at 00:12

    I was only level 15 and it let me buy from starbazaar... idk why? That day i bought 1600 stardollars but no ss membership?

  7. Lucky Chocolate26 July 2015 at 22:53

    how? plz tell me