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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Riviera New Collection

A new collection of Riviera was released today and it's inspired by Carnival. The prices range from 3 to 17 stardollars.

The main piece of this collection is the extravagant, sparkly, feather costume (worn by Rihanna in real life), which made me super excited when I saw it and I immediatelly added it in my cart even though I know I'll never wear it. It doesn't really fit with the other modest and casual beachwear and it's actually the only outfit that looks carnival and maybe that's why it caught my attention.

My other picks from this collection are the "Solid Gold Choker" for 4 stardollars, the "Solid Gold Bracelet" for 5 stardollars, the "Floripa Bikini Top" for 10 stardollars and the"Sheer Beach Skirt" for 14 stardollars.

The accessories don't go to your beauty parlor which is a plus and thtey can add an edgy touch to an outfit. The Floripa Bikini (top and bottom) is beautiful, I want to have that in real life. However Stardoll-wise the bottom is not very wearable unless you dress in a beach villa/pool/summer themed outfit. On the other hand the top can be easily worn as a bustier. As for the skirt it's a interesting piece,it can be worn in many ways but the price is a no no.

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