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Hello there! I'm ilgd (or Ino in real life). Nice to meet you all :) In this page you can find some information about Stardoll Broadcast. Keep reading ;)


I post anything fashion related. When there is a new store release I'll post my review along with my picks of the collection and usually an outfit featuring my favourite items from the store.
I also have some regular collumns : Outfit of the Day, Featured, How to Style it, My Style, Starcoins Spree, Plaza Must Haves, Sunday Remix and Capsule Wardrobe. You can find more categories under the labels tab at the bottom of the page! 

Outfit of the Day : Featuring fabulous, modern and fashionable outfits from dollies all around Stardoll.
Featured : Featuring dolls with talent in design, suite decorating and fashion, with interesting and unique ideas. 
How to Style it : For each post I choose a piece of clothing or a current fashion trend and I show you how to wear it on Stardoll.
My Style : Posting my own outfits from times to times.
Starcoins Spree : Don't know how to spend your starcoins? Here are some ideas.
Plaza Must Haves : A presentation of the best Starplaza pieces, which are essential for your closet!
Sunday Remix : For each post I choose one item I wear a lot and showing you the different ways I have style it in the past.
Capsule Wardrobe : A challenge of creating five different outfits using only five pieces of clothing.

-Everytime you see this symbol * after the name of an item, it means that this item is priced in starcoins.
-You can find some useful tips and informations about stardoll in the Help section here.
-You can find me on instagram under the name ilgd_stardoll, I post random snapshots from Stardoll and my real life.
-You can see some real life versions of Stardoll clothes here.
-Check our blog partners here.
-Interesting in a partnership with Stardoll Broadcast? Leave a comment here or in my guestbook here.
-Find more about the creation and the history of Stardoll Broadcast here.
-The blog's moto is : Be unique, be creative, be yourself.

-There is a search button at the bottom of the page.
-The blog header (a.k.a. the big image at the top) is clickable. Notice the six little "flags" at the left and right. If you click at them, each one will lead you to a different category (e.g. store picks, outfits ideas e.t.c.)
-Nothing the arrow that appears at the bottom right corner of the page when you scroll down? Click it and it will take you back to the top of the page.
-You are not good with English? You can find a translation widget at the bottom of the page.
-While you are there you can also look through our archive. Find posts from 2011 until now!
-You can up vote or down vote at the end of each post.
- Are you out of outfits ideas? Get some inspiration here, here, here and here

If there is still something you want to know, my guestbook is always open and you are more than welcome to leave me your question/comment there :)

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