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Saturday, 29 November 2014

PPQ Rockabella Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Hello, my dear readers! It was a quite interesting week on Stardoll and since I didn't have my computer during this week I'll try to cover the new releases during the weekend and hopefully write a "Plaza Must Haves" post as well for the Black Friday sales.
The new PPQ collection is an interesting one, I picked some lovely pieces, but many of the stuff reminded me of older PPQ collections a lot and then there was the lace bodysuit, which is a whole different story... I was disappointed we didn't get any head wear, because they are always impeccable!
I'm wearing : Satin Lace Trim Blouse, PPQ | Creamsicle Stripe Skirt, Original Future | Asia Sport Skirt, Evil Panda * | Slit Sleeve Cape, Tingeling | Layer Boot Hide, Nelly | Leather Cage Belt, Subcouture | Silver Ring Belt, Riviera * | Sparkly Silver Socks, Saint Laurent Paris
I was mesmerized by the texture of the two vinyl pieces, the "Vinyl Shift Dress" and the "Black Vinyl Skirt", they seem very realistic, but I do feel that they will be difficult to style. I love the color of the "Lavender Satin Romper", it's soft and easy to work with. PPQ always offers great quality coats, and that's the case with the "White Alpaca Coat" with the vintage feeling. As for the "Satin Lace Trim Blouse" it was the first thing I bought but regreted it the moment I tried to style it. It's vintage inspired and that's what made me buy it but the shiny fabric doesn't do any good to it. It can look very "granny" that's why I ended up combining  it with a graphic print. I would love to wear it in a total vintage inspired look but it didn't look right at all.

P.S. I have styled the "Lavender Satin Romper" and the "White Alpaca Coat" on a post for the Stardoll Blog. I'll update the post with the link to it as soon as it's published.

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