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Friday, 7 November 2014

Lately on Stardoll : Fallen Angel & Callie's Picks

This week we got two new store releases, but neither of them was too exciting, which in a way is a good thing because I'm so broke after last weeks' releases.
The first one was a Fallen Angel new collection. The problem I have is the same I mentioned in my Tingeling Haute Couture post, for example the "Lilac Leather Peplum Top" is a stunning piece, but that red belt and the black sleeves completely ruin it. Why don't they release the belt as a separate piece? Or at least try to match the colors? Now, on the ones I actually liked, the "Lanvin Inspired Dress" is a beautiful, vintage inspired piece, with a nice texture and color and a fair price. The "Iridescent Taffeta Top & Skirt" might end up beeing a bit expensive if you don't want to break the set, like me, but I can't resist the shiny texture and the cute polo neck. As for the "Pink Lucite Choker", it's in starcoins so that's a good enough reason for me to buy it.
We also got the usual Callie's Picks on Wednesday and this week it was all about blue. I still don't like the color themed collections, and that doesn't change by the fact that I love blue. The collection has two floors but I barely found anything I liked. My favourite item was the "Notebook Clutch" which surprisingly it was priced in starcoins, so double yay for that. It was also the only piece I purchased since I already owned the "Cap Sleeve Babydoll Frock" (originally from Folk), with the adorable sleeves.


  1. I love blue too... I actually bought quite a bit more of this collection then I probably should have. I quite agree, the iridescent taffetta set are quite the best pieces. I would love to see you style them. But I was wondering what you thought of the houndstooth coat? I was also wondering what your doll's username is? I can't seem to find it on the blog, tho that may be because I'm on mobile. Finally, I love your blog, I just recently stumbled across it. I was wondering if you are going to do any more capsule wardrobes? They are my favorite segment. Sorry for the long comment,

  2. Which were you favourite from the collection ? I'll surely style the set in the near future! I didn't like the houndstooth coat, the graphic was flat,and it wasn't flattering at all in my medoll. My username is ilgd, if you visit from a computer you can find at the bottom of the page an "About us" link to learn more about the blog. Yes I'll do more of the capsule wardrobe posts, they take me a lot of time to make so I post one every one or two months!
    Thank you for visiting and commenting :)

  3. I don't love either collection that much, nothing inspired me to top up, or sell anything so I could purchase items. Both collections weren't great. The items I love, are the terry hearts dress, and the notebook clutch. I don't think I bought anything from the Fallen Angel collection.

  4. I agree about the belts! Like I can't stand it!