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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Limited Edition New Collection : Glam Rock

Who would have thought that we will get a new Limited Edition collection, out of the blue on a Thursday morning! It was a big and pleasant surprise, for me at least. The collection until now hasn't sold out, even though it's admittedly one of the best LE from the last years, because it was totally unexpected. I was lucky enough to log in the moment it was released and I picked quite a few things, and if I had the money I would have bought a lot more. The one thing I don't like from the collection are the shoes.
The store has four floors with pieces to fit everyones taste, and even thought the theme is Glam Rock, many clothes can work with many different styles. My favourite is the "Valli Fall Leaves Jacket", which I have styled below. It's a beautiful statement piece and the combination of the white and the bold red is stunning. Next in line is the "Perfect Boxy Blazer", and as the name states it is perfect. The boxy cut is spot on and it's a classic piece. I love the little sparkly details and the baggy fit of the"Pinstripe Trousers" and the pricce is quite reasonable. As usual I got a few accessories including the "Chains Handbag", the "Vali Headscarf" and also the "Vinyl LE Garment Box". I like the plastic material of the last one and as much as I hate the color, I decided to give it a try. My last (impulse) purchase was the "Waterfall Metal Necklace". I got it in rush thinking that the collection will sell out fast, but I regreted it the moment I saw it in my suite. It looks like a piece of silver hair and I don't have the slightest clue how to style it.
Outfit 1. Valli Fall Leaves Jacket, Limited Edition | Slit Sleeve Cape, Tingeling | Effervescent Chiffon Skirt, Other World | Ruby Mae Skirt, Other World | Gianni White Gladiators, Limited Edition ||
Outfit 2. Controversy Dress, Saint Laurent Paris | Perfect Boxy Blazer, Limited Edition | Valli Fall Leaves Jacket, Limited Edition | White Silk Flounce Skirt, Callie's Picks | Jeanne Royalty Couture Armor Skirt, Royalty | Chains Handbag, Limited Edition | Traveller Boots, Nelly ||


  1. I loved boxy jacket also. It is amazing but i was out of stardollars..
    Silver hair made my day =D You can use it as a top with your fascinating fantasy styles :-)
    Kisses :*

  2. I Was Sadly to Late For the Headwrap TnT

  3. I have the Headscarf if anynone is interested? Doll: Emillystrange17 xx