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Monday, 20 October 2014

It Girls New Collection

I'm wearing : Deep V Wrap Dress, It Girls | Steel Taffeta Dress, It Girls | Traveller Boots, Nelly | Lady D Bag, It Girls | For the hat : Folk Hat, Evil Panda * and Diamond Rivets Hat, LE | Rihanna CFDA Headband, Young Hollywood ||

A new It Girls collection just dropped today, with lots of earthy, fall colors and a 70's feel. There are some seriously georgeous pieces, with my favourite beeing the "Lady D Bag". The graphics, the color, the details, everything is perfect. Maybe the size is a bit off, but that can be easily changed. On the other hand the "Deep V Wrap Dress" looks a little flat, but I totally overlooked that, because the moment I saw it I could already tell that it's a piece I could style in so many different ways. With a buttoned up and a bow tie, a turtleneck, a transparent top, or on its own. My last pick was the "Steel Taffeta Dress" with the very interesting sleeves and neckline and the graphic which resembles some of the older, vintage Stardoll pieces. I'm on the fence about the "Ivory Faux Fur Coat". It fits beautifully on the doll, but the quality is suprisingly low. It looks like a stardesign hair piece and if you look it up-close you can spot many flaws, like the rough edges and the wierd shadows.

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