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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

BodMod New Store

BodMod (Body Modification) is the new Halloween store that arrived earlier today and it blew my mind off! I bought half the store and I plan to go back and get the rest of it.
I'm terribly pathetic when it comes to creepy, scary, paranormal things in real life which is very ironic because I love these kind of stuff on Stardoll. I don't watch thiller or horror movies, and the few times I've made that mistake I literally lost my sleep for days. When I walk past an abandoned house I get the chills and don't even dare to look at it, I'm awfully scared of dolls and I always have a light on when I'm home alone...
Back on topic, I love how they went all the way with the Hallloween spirit and put together a horror inspired collection and not just random, sexy, cute costumes like last year's Young Hollywood. And it's one of the rare occassions we get truly original and one of a kind pieces. Every single piece is very detailed and well made. I mean, look at the amazing  "Ghostly Gown", how wierd, creepy and stunning it is! Just go there and get it before Halloween is over and you regret it :P I can't write a proper review because there are too much stuff I like and bought, but if I had to pick my three favourites those would be the "Ghostly Gown" as mentioned above, the "Doll Dress", I love the distressed sleeves and the length and lastly the "Demon Jacket" because it's the most wearable item of the collection.
Wearing : Ghostly Gown and Ghost Crown from BodMod 

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  1. You are so funny! Great collection--one for which I had been waiting all month. It's even better than I could've hoped.