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Friday, 3 October 2014

Antidote New Collection : Moschino

** I'm still here! From now on I promise I will have more time to be here :) **
So about the Antidote collection....Hmmm...Antidote has a very specific aesthetic, and this collection is just not there. The whole thing screams LE to me. Sparkles, gold and chains, it's the same Stardoll recipe over and over again. Worst piece of all? The "Sequin Sports Trousers" with the underwear showing off. Best part was the interior, but not when you are on a tight budget. Of course there is a lot of talent around Stardoll and it's no surprise that some medolls managed to make outstanding outfits with these pieces.
On the left : baby_lush11 wearing the "Antidote Chain Skirt" |  On the right : Green_Eye_Angel wearing the "Buckle Up Dress"


  1. This collection is terrible :( I much expected bright colors, neon colors etc.
    Totally agree with you, i get bored of chains, gold and sparkle =@
    And when i saw the shop i was like: Oh, this looks a lot like fallen angel last collection, pumps looks a lot like dkny, chains and that squary texture reminds me of chanel.
    And yes, when i saw that ''pants'', i was rolling on the floor :D
    Wish i didnt see this collection =)

  2. Thank you so much for the feature. :)

  3. I would've loved to have been able to purchase that chain necklace. It is special.
    These are great interpretations of the collection--good job, girls!