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Friday, 15 August 2014

Plaza Must Haves : Black And White Edition

There are some items in my wardrobe that are key pieces. When I'm feeling uninspired or is one of those "I have nothing to wear" days, I turn to them and they never fail me. They can be well combined together or can supplement other pieces as well. You can still find all of them in Starplaza, some are from older releases while others are relatively new. So be sure to check them out because you don't know how long they will still  be available to buy :)
Ruffled Pocket Pants, Bonjour Bisou | Linen Boater Top, It Girls | Eyelashes Glasses, Evil Panda | Layer Boot Hide, Nelly | Olivia Shoulder Bag, It Girls | Bright Wedding Skirt, Voile | Frappe Tee, It Girls | Minimalist Alexander Heels, Bonjour Bisou | Raffia Sunhat, Millionaire Mansion Fashion | White Mariniere Pull, Basics | Clean Cut Shirt, Nelly | Cave Painting Sweater, Evil Panda

Tip : Use the search button at the bottom of the page to see how me or other dollies around Stardoll have styled those pieces! Just type the name of the item, click search and you can see a list of older posts that are featuring this item.


  1. Great selection from all the black and white items available. I will go hunt for a couple of these items that I don't already own. Thanks!

  2. This is extremely creative. Love the hair, especially!