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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Callie's Picks Issue No. 22 : 1 Of A Kinds

I don't have much to say about this collection. I have heard around Stardoll that there are some rare and wanted items in this issue and I indeed indentify some Mortal Kiss and older Hot Buys. However my view on one-of-a-kind clothing is much, much different that what I see in this collection. I can see how some of them can be considered as unique but the rest of them looks like ordinary clothes to me, especially with the way they styled them.  This time I won't post my picks, since I'm still undecided if I want to buy those items or not. So I'll just post the highlights of the collection, pieces that stood out from the rest and according to your bugdet might worth buying. The "Chiffon Rhinestone Collar", originally from Mortal Kiss is a stunning piece you can use in many ways.To add volume to a skirt, create a peplum for a top or with a bit of resizing create ruffled sleeves! The "Coco Top" was actually the first piece that draw my attention and wanted to buy until I saw the price tag :O Why charge 25 stardollars for a plain top? I understand that you pay to get the Chanel logo, but not that much. However the top itself is a cute piece, that can look great in a sports luxe outfit. And lastly there is the "Versace Inspired Space Dress", also from Mortal Kiss. The geometric pattern and the shiny material are interesting, but the color and the fitting of the dress are not very appealing. 


  1. I totally agree with you, especially the Chanel top. It's not worth 25SD in my opinion.
    I kind like the space dress and had no idea it was from Mortal Kiss!

  2. The Chanel Top it was from decades and it was 50 Starcoins. They just added the Chanel's Logo lol and now 25sd!?!? Gosh.....

  3. This collection was quite good for mortal kiss collectors. 9 of items here are mortal kiss. They are:
    Page 1, mannequin 2 : All of the items she has.
    Page 1, mannequin 3 : The burberry scarf. Its a most wanted item.
    Page 2, mannequin 4: All of the items except bag and the shoes.
    Page 2, mannequin 6: That ruffled top and the skirt is mortal kiss also.
    Overall, i enjoyed this collection. Great for mortal kiss collectors!
    Have a lovely day! X

  4. I spy Migliukee! One of stardolls rarest of all rares! It came out about November 5th if i do remember correctly and then removed THE SAME DAY since they were stolen designs! It's a good history read honestly so rare you can't even sell it in bazaar, anyways the Migliukee I see is on Page 1 mannequin 3 the dress, i don't remember about then shoes, and on page 1 the last mannequin.

    I recommend you get those pieces I doubt you'll ever see them in the starbazaar!