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Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Five Pieces Project #1

The idea of a new column was on my mind for some time now and yesterday I finally decided what it would be. So let me tell you a few words about the "Five Pieces Project". For every post I'll set myself the challenge of creating five different outfits using only five pieces of clothing. Shoes and
accessories are not included, so I can go crazy with them :P As you can probably tell by now I usually overload my outfits, so I thought that this project will be a good way to see what I can do with much less clothes and will help me focus more on accessorizing. For this very first post, my five choices are : Frappe Tee, Linen Boater Top and Blue Wrap Around Skirt from It Girls, Black Cigarette Pants from Windows on the World and Bright Coat from Archive. 
Having said all that, I must admit that I found it very difficult, to the point where I wanted to drop the idea. I spend a few good hours last night trying to figure out what to do and I was dissapointed many times during theses hours, but at the end I liked stepping out of my comfort zone for once and challenging myself! Ok, I should better stop
writing now, let's move on to the outfits! I know I kind of cheated with the rotated shirt, but I'll just play dumb and act like this never happened :P

1. Blue Wrap Around Skirt, It Girls * | Frappe Tee, It Girls | Black Fendi Belt, Fendi | Olivia Shoulder Bag, It Girls | Blowing Tassel Purse, Riviera | Iris Shoes, Nelly | Stacy Cap * | Bow Visor, Riviera | Pearl Top Shades, Callie's Picks | Sunglasses, Bonjour Bisou * ||  2. Frappe Tee, It Girls | Linen Boater Top, It Girls | Pastel Ankle Socks, Saint Laurent Paris | Flats Dots Heels, Evil Panda | White Beach Pack, Riviera | Violet Street Hat, Mr * ||  3. Black Cigarette Pants, Windows on the World | Linen Boater Top, It Girls | Alice Sandals, Nelly | Floral Bag, Roberto Cavalli | Black Silver Buckle Belt, Voile | Heavy Chainlink Necklace, Saint Laurent | Raffia Sunhat, Millionaire Mansion Fashion * ||  4. Bright Coat, Archive | Blue Wrap Around Skirt, It Girls * | Belt and Glove Belt * , Bonjour Bisou, layered undeneath skirt | Charlun Shoes, Killah | Laptop Case, Mr * | Safari Scarf, It Girls * | Striped Socks, It Girls * | Solid Gold Bracelet, Riviera ||  5. Blue Wrap Around Skirt, It Girls * | Black Cigarette Pants, Windows on the World | Burlesque Black Boots, Special Offer * | Beige Headscarf, Apres Ski * | Western Buckles Belt, PPQ | Suspenders, Fallen Angel * | Flapper Hat, Decades * | Black Riding Cao, Original Future * | Kurt Sunglasses, Royalty | Zadar Sunglasses, Killah ||

Question : In the future would it be better to post the five looks in different posts or all together like I did now? I think it's kind of confusing writing down all the items I used for all five of them, but on the other hand I find it more appealing having them all in one picture.  I need your feedback as readers. What do you think? What to you find easier to read?


  1. i like to use items with rotating them and stuff, a little cheating wont hurt anyone :)
    loveeeed the idea, that remind me of my currently favourite thing to do: using clothes with unusual ways :)
    loved this post! bfn :)

  2. I just admire the way you used the skirt as a top and the top as a skirt *-* So creative and unique!

  3. Violette (cincilkanikolka)2 August 2014 at 17:15

    wow, you are really creative i agree with paper hearts. and i love little things you added to make outfit more interesting like belt under skirt outfit no.4 :)

  4. The lay-out you used is easiest to read with the different looks together. My fav is #2. :)