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Friday, 6 June 2014

My Style : The Abbey

You can tell by now that I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey. Part of it is because of the costumes. This fashion era is my favourite and I draw a lot of inspiration from the series. I just finished the fourth season and I can't wait for the fifth, but I'll have to wait a few months till then...

I'm wearing:
Everyday Long Blazer, It Girls *
L/S Top, Decades *
Voile Gala Gloves, Voile *
Silver Shimmer Heels, Pretty n' Love
Samurai Hair Headband, Evil Panda
Pearls Embellishments, MS.TQ

Skirt is made of :
Subcouture Superstars Minidress, Subcouture
Liu Jo Black Vest, Liu Jo *
Night Headscarf, Evil Panda
Zegina Jacket, PPQ
Scarf, Archive

Hair designed by me

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